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Stuck in a rut?

One of my favorite songs this summer was Katy Perry's 'Chained to the rhythm' Its such a catchy tune with great reggae beats. One day I started actually listening to the words and I was really struck by them. She is basically singing about how we can become stuck in a rut with life and just move through our patterns without thinking or breaking free of the constraints of todays modern society. It got me thinking about my daily life and how without realizing I had slowly started to lose any sense of spontaneity and fun, but had gotten caught moving along the treadmill like everyone else.

Don't get me wrong sometimes life is mundane and there are certain things we need to do each day in order to stay well, like eat, sleep, drink water, remain mobile etc. What i'm talking about is when you realize that you have stagnated and that the days, weeks and months are just passing you by. I genuinely believe that life is a gift and although it is not good all the time we do have the oppotunity to either enjoy our lives or to waste away each day.

Counselling is all about change and recognizing old patterns of behavior that may have held you back really living how you want to. Maybe your relationships are not how you would like them to be, or you are lacking in confidence. Counselling can help you make that change for good so you can feel more for filled.

How do I make changes you may ask? Well for me it was first recognizing where I was stuck and then I decided to shake things up a little. I started painting again which I love. I also applied to go on my favorite game show because.... well why not! I have also been more intentional with meeting friends and family.

Now this was what was good for me but we are all different so ask yourself what rut am I stuck in? If you take a look and are really honest with yourself then you will probably know which areas need some change!

If you are struggling try this- Visualize yourself being really old and lying in bed with only a few days to live. What do you wish you had done or said when you were younger? Then what ever the answer- do it now! you wont regret making possitive changes while there is still time.

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