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'Training empowers people to realise their dreams and improve their lives.'
Syliva Matthews Burwell

Training and Groups


I am an experienced and trained group worker and I offer a variety of different subjects that further people's educational needs and continual professional development (CPD). Below is a taster of what I can offer. Please do not hesitate to contact me and we can discuss your ideas further.  

Who is it for?                                      


Health care professionals



Children in Schools

Group workers

Psychoeducational group facilitators

Corporate companies 

Subjects offered

Anger Management

Mindful eating groups

Eating Disorders and Obesity

Healthy living and wellbeing


Self Harm 

Identity and self exploration

Creative Arts Therapies

Sleep for stressed leaders

Mindfulness for companies

The advice and training packages are adaptable to your needs and time requirements; however a minimum of 2 hours is required to give opportunity of full benefit to the participants. The package content is set by discussion between myself and the individual/organisation regarding the needs of the participants in order to be most effective. Everyone learns differently so I am creative in my delivery and love to get participants involved to maximize their learning and change. 


The cost is worked out on an hourly or session basis which is discussed when deciding on the content.

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