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Our experience and qualifications

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Hello, I'm Anna, the founder of Honeysett Counselling. With over 18 years of experience in the therapeutic field and 8 years of running my own practice, I bring a wealth of expertise to my work as a counsellor.

Throughout my career, I've helped individuals navigate through various challenges including depression, anxiety, relationship issues, grief, stress, and more, all of which may be hindering your life.

In addition to my counselling practice, I'm also an author and business coach, supporting fellow counselors in setting up their private practices. I serve as a lecturer and supervisor at the University of East London, where I'm dedicated to nurturing and empowering the next generation of therapists.

As your counselor, my aim is to provide you with compassionate and empathetic support for whatever has brought you to my door. Together, we'll work towards healing and growth in a safe and welcoming environment.

Anna Honeysett 



Founder of Honeysett Counselling



  • Essential Supervision Skills (The British Psychology society approved)

  • BACP accredited Advanced Diploma in Humanistic counselling (Adv.Dip.Hum.Couns.)

  • ABC level 3 Certificate in Counselling Skills

  • Degree of Bachelor Arts 2.1 in Creative Expressive Therapies

  • Group work Skills Intermediate Level (Group work Consultation and training Ltd)

  • Group work Skills Foundation Level (Group work Consultation and training Ltd)



  • MBACP Registered member with over 5000 clinical hours

  • Clinical Supervisor and lecturer for the University of East London.

  • CBT Practical tools for weight management and Bariatric surgery (The Bariatric Consultancy Ltd)

  • Working with anxiety, depression, self harm, eating disorders, addiction and many other issues

  • Experienced trainer and group therapist

  • Book author and expert in setting up in private practice

  • 5 years working in an addiction centre

  • Art therapies and sand tray work

  • Work with children, adolescents and adults

  • Adhere to BACP code of ethics

  • Have regular clinical supervision to maintain excellent practice


Mark Richards
Counsellor MBACP 
(Final year trainee)

I practice from a Person-Centred base, blending in elements of a Psychodynamic approach when needed. I believe in flexibility, understanding that each client is unique and may require a tailored approach to therapy. My goal is to create a safe and supportive environment where you can explore your thoughts and feelings openly.

By integrating Person-Centred and Psychodynamic approaches, I aim to foster trust and build a strong therapeutic relationship with you. I prioritize your needs and preferences, ensuring that our sessions are guided by your individual journey.

Together, we'll work towards deepening your self-awareness and understanding, leading to personal growth and positive change. My commitment is to provide a compassionate and non-judgmental space where you feel heard, valued, and empowered.

Whether you're facing challenges, seeking clarity, or simply looking to enhance your well-being, I'm here to support you every step of the way.




  • Level 2 Counselling Skills (CPCAB).

  • Level 3 Counselling Studies (CPCAB).

  • Level 4 Diploma in Counselling Skills and Theory (MNCS).

  • Level 5 Professional Diploma in Psychotherapeutic Counselling Practice (MNCS). (Ongoing)



Working with children as they intuitively explore and engage with the world around them, just starting out in their journey of life, has taught me a lot about patience and what it means to truly listen and understand.


I have learned a lot from the wealth of experience and wisdom shared by older generations, who have negotiated much of life's ups and downs, emphasizing the value of empathy, compassion and authenticity.


As someone who is in the middle stages of this journey of life, I understand what it feels like to be lost and uncertain about the path forward, with no clear direction. I’m here to use my own experiences to support others through this journey, walking alongside them until the path becomes clearer.


As a dedicated individual with a diverse skill set and a strong passion for supporting and helping others in their personal and emotional growth, I bring a unique perspective to my work.

My background in Retail Management, coupled with ongoing education in Mental Health, has equipped me to positively impact the lives of both adults and children. Through fostering essential coping strategies, I strive to enhance their future well-being.

Warmth and compassion define my approach, and as your counselor, I am fully committed to supporting you on your journey should we work together. Together, we'll navigate through challenges and embark on a path of personal growth and fulfillment.



Sam White
Level 5 Psychotherapeutic Counselling Diploma MNCS 
(final year trainee)

  • Level 5 Diploma in Psychotherapeutic counselling (final year)

  • Level 3 Diploma in Hypnotherapy and introduction to Counselling Skills (603/6871/8)

  • TGUK Certificate in Understanding children’s and young people’s mental health. (603/3204/9)



Currently along side my counselling training I am employed as a one-to-one SEN TA at Five-Acre Wood School, where my main responsibility is supporting a child with ASD and a PDA profile.

Dealing with Pathological Demand Avoidance demands various essential skills, including patience, understanding, excellent communication abilities, and the capacity to comprehend conscious and unconscious behaviours.

I have amassed over 25 years of experience in Retail
Management, predominantly with House of Fraser. Throughout my career, I have managed many diverse groups of people and grown greatly as a competent and secure leader. 


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