How To Set Up A Successful Counselling Practice
by Anna Honeysett

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How to set up a successful counselling practice by Anna Honeysett

Paperback - £14.99

How to set up a successful counselling practice by Anna Honeysett

Kindle - £9.99

Setting up a thriving private therapy practice is more than achievable when given the right guidance to get started. 

This step by step guide will take you through each process and teach you how to take the leap into private practice. Full of practical advice from ‘how to gain clients’ to avoiding burnout, by the end of this book you will have gained all the knowledge you need to set up a successful counselling practice. 


Within each chapter is 'Anna's Answers', a checklist for you to complete, and a notes page - so you don't forget those all important ideas. The 8 chapters cover: 

  1. Getting inspired and doing your research

  2. Building foundations

  3. Finding yourself a great space

  4. Branding and marketing

  5. Administration and documents

  6. Business and therapeutic contracts

  7. Support and healthy boundaries

  8. Maintaining success and keeping your drive




'Lot's of great content covered that could only be written by someone who has been through the process.'

Simon Coulson, Founder of the Internet Business School 
Author of the Amazon Number 1 Best Seller 'Intrepreneur'

Refreshing &  


'I really love this book, in particular, the helpful checklists. Truly refreshing and alive.' 

Patricia Fraser, Crisis Pregnancy Counsellor

Accessible &  


'It as an extremely readable, accessible and informative book and I wish I had been able to find something as informative when I was setting up myself!' 

Shirley Hinson, MBACP (Accred) Counsellor in private practice and founder of the Affordable Counselling Group Kent



'An incredibly helpful and well pitched overview of both the practical and the conceptual issues. A text which would be well placed on the reading list for qualifying second years.'

Dr Suzannah Hill (MBACP, MBPsS, Dip.P.Dip, BSc, PhD) Psychotherapist and Lecturer

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