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Find out what past clients have said about Honeysett Counselling


September 2020

I really can't even summarise in words how much Anna has helped me over the last four years. 

Before I started therapy, I was just a shell of the person I am today. With hard work and constant support, Anna has given me the helping hand that i've needed to be comfortable in my own skin and live my life to the fullest. 

I am forever grateful to her. Thank you Anna!

September 2018

I worked with Anna Honeysett for over two years. I was apprehensive about going to counselling, no one really want to admit they have problems do they? I always felt that others were judging me and seeing a counsellor felt no different. To tell a stranger your deepest secrets is not easy but Anna always made me feel so comfortable. 

I always assumed a counsellor will look at you over their glasses, making notes as they go and trying to come up with a quick fix, but Anna isn't like that. She let me go through what was important on that day. I always looked forward to my sessions and towards the end when I felt better it was almost like a catch up where I could just check in which was helpful. Working with Honeysett Counselling has been such an amazing experience, setting me up to know it was ok to have the good days and the bad days. I know she is always there if I feel the need to go back into counselling. 

April 2017

Prior to my sessions with Anna Honeysett I was very cynical about the effectiveness of counselling but no more - thank you Anna for helping me transform my life! Anna’s daffodil analogy (see her blog “Ready for Counselling”) made me realise I was ready to seek help and the process has really enabled me to come to terms with the issues which were affecting my life and the lives of others in such a negative way. Anna helped me explore these issues in a sympathetic and understanding way.


As a result I have been able to look at my experiences, particularly as a child, in a different way and this means I no longer harbour the anger that I was not dealing with prior to entering into counselling. I have been able to come to terms with the issues, recognising their impact and most importantly there has been a natural change in my behaviour – I am at peace with myself! I have drastically reduced my alcohol intake and my blood pressure has never been so normal!

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